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Going on Vacation? Protect Your Home with These Security Tips

An empty house is an invitation to thieves, so take some time before your next vacation to protect your home.

1. Keep up appearances.
Try to appear home. Ask a friend to collect the mail, ask your neighbor to use your garbage can, and hire someone to maintain the yard.

2. Light up the night.
Install motion-activated outdoor lights near front and back entrances, as well as in back lanes and side walkways. Put indoor lighting on a remote timer.

3. Secure weak spots.
Patio doors, basement windows and back entrances are easy targets for thieves. Add extra protection with security bars and locks.

4. Silence your ringer.
Turn down the ringer on your phone to avoid alerting thieves that you aren’t home.

5. Don’t broadcast your vacation.
Don’t brag to everyone on Facebook about your upcoming beach vacation. Social media sites are quickly becoming tools for thieves looking for an easy target.

6. Secure the spare key.
Never store your spare key under a mat, in a flowerpot or on a window ledge. If you need to leave a key behind, invest in a lockable hide-a-key.

7. Put your alarm to work.
Remember to activate your alarm, and make sure your alarm company signs are clearly displayed in both the front and back of your house.

8. Take out the trash.
Don’t throw away receipts and packaging for big ticket purchases, as thieves often search garbage bins looking for potential targets. Instead shred receipts and ask the delivery company to remove the boxes.

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