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Home Upgrades that Pay Off

Thinking about renovating your house? Builders beware: when it comes to home renovations, not all upgrades are created equal. Spend your home renovation budget wisely and you’ll reap the rewards of retained value!

Kitchens and Bathrooms
Updating your kitchen and bathrooms is almost always worth it. Whenever possible, stick with existing layouts and upgrade the details, like fixtures, flooring, countertops and cabinetry.

Curb Appeal
Ensure your home makes a good first impression by upgrading the exterior paint and trim, adding architectural detailing and decorating walkways with low-maintenance landscaping.

Outdoor Entertainment
Create outdoor living spaces. Decks are one of the best investments because they are relatively inexpensive to install and tap into the outdoor living trend.

Extra Living Space
Consider adding a sunroom, converting attic space, or upgrading your basement into a multi-purpose rec room. Beware of the more expensive additions, however, as the building costs may far exceed the potential gains.

Not all upgrades pay off in the end.

Structural Systems
Don’t think of your plumbing and electrical systems as potential price-boosters, as buyers consider these a given and expect that they have been properly maintained.

High-End Finishes
Stick with the finish spec that is consistent with the neighborhood. Going way beyond the average may limit your ability to recoup the costs.

Uniquely “You” Projects
Avoid custom renovations that are geared toward your specific tastes or needs. Unless you find an avid musician buyer, that extravagant home music studio isn’t going to add value.

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