Home Improvement and Remodeling


 No Project left undone

During the past year alone, new homeowners spent $18 billion on home improvement projects. From the simple, such as painting or flooring, to large-scale projects, such as additions or replacing windows, this group of consumers made the most out of every paint brush, hammer, and two-by-four.

1 out of 5 new homeowners took on a remodeling project during the past year.

These remodeling homeowners are:

  • 70% more likely

  • 68% more likely to have taken on a new landscaping

  • 49% more likely to have tackled an addition

  • 43% more likely to have remodeled a bathroom

  • 29% more likely to have replaced windows

  • 25% less likely to have not made any home improvements during the past year

Source: Nielsen Scarborough USA+ Study

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