A 250-Square-Foot Dream Home

Logic would have you think that a comfortable home would be large, open, and spacious. Visual artist and space designer Michelle de la Vega challenges that philosophy, transforming a mere 250 sq. ft garage into a fully furnished and functional “mini house.” It’s looks quite cozy too.

Vega manipulates custom and repurposed fixtures and furniture along with an added space for a bathroom to create the minimalist’s dream home, a quaint getaway house, or the most enviable pool house this side of the Hamptons.

The key design principle here is not about creating more space, but maximizing an existing space to take advantage of every available inch’s potential use, a lesson we here in the office could really take to heart as we stumble over empty piled boxes between our desks and the coffee machine.

The garage before:

Via IGNANT. Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

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